Six weeks back, we adopted two kittens when they were eleven weeks old. We had never thought of having indoor cats but one lesson I have learnt in life is never say never! Oscar, our outdoor cat who ran away after a traumatic incident, is not back and has no intention of coming back. He is happy where he is and we miss him. These kittens cannot replace him but they were meant to be adopted by us and we love them.

Sometimes when things are meant to happen, fate rolls into motion a series of events which conspire and collaborate together to eventually lead to an outcome which is destined. Armaan does not believe in destiny and says that I assign meaning to random coincidences. I, however, firmly believe that nothing is by chance. The course of our lives is written in advance. 

We adopted the kittens from my friend Karen. I met Karen online on a lost and found group while I was trying to look for Oscar. She helped me find Oscar and we became friends. She took in a foster cat and found out that the cat is pregnant. Lacey gave birth to six kittens. Read more about Lacey’s story, wonderfully written by Karen at Southern Paws and Tails Magazine

 I would watch pictures and videos of the six kittens on Karen’s Facebook page and smile at their cuteness. She said she was looking for families to adopt the kittens.

 I would tell Ajay that the kittens are absolutely adorable and that Karen is looking for loving homes for them but I never imagined that we would adopt. Ajay never wanted pets inside the house, and even I was not sure if I wanted to look after and be responsible for fur babies. Oscar was an outdoor cat who came inside very briefly. However, one day Ajay said that we should go look at the kittens and maybe adopt them! I was flabbergasted and I said, “Did the sun rise in the west today and that you are suggesting something you would never agree to before?” However, we seized the moment and took him up on his suggestion before he could change his mind. Armaan was overjoyed. He had always wanted a kitten, he would hope he would get one on his birthday or Christmas every year but we always said no.

On our very first visit Armaan chose China cat who he later named Akasha. Ajay liked Bertha who has black and white markings like a cow and her name given by Karen is so apt for her that we did not change it. I chose Casey Jones who was a striking black cat with blue eyes. We had many discussions on which two to adopt. We knew we could not adopt three. One would be good for us but my coworkers at work, all of whom are wonderful cat moms told me that it is better to get two as they have company and someone to play with. Arjun liked Bertha too and told his dad that he should not let me make him give up Bertha! I just could not convince Armaan to give up China cat as his heart was set on her.

On our second visit we saw that Casey likes to cause trouble and is a little rambunctious. We saw Lacey admonishing him. Mansi said it will be hard to manage him. Casey’s eyes had turned green and Armaan said he reminded him of Oscar and made him sad that Oscar is gone. It was very hard to not adopt Casey as I had fallen in love with him. But, we knew we could not adopt three. Also, I had to listen to Mansi as she is very wise and when she speaks up, we listen. So, Bertha and Akasha it was, two female kittens, sisters and littermates.

We got them home on July 25th when they were 11 weeks old. My mom, sister and nephews had left for Boston on the 24th after visiting us for two weeks. I was sad and missed them a lot. The kittens are an instant mood lifter. They just make you happy and turn you to mush. When we got them home we had this not so brilliant idea to turn the dining room into a cat nursery, not realizing that the kittens can jump over the gates. The floorplan is open so we blocked the open parts with cardboard on top of a baby gate on one side and a bed frame on the other. These tiny creatures jumped over both which were 6 ft tall, rendering all our efforts to waste. We heard jumping and crashing noises at night, so we put them in Arjun’s room so that we can close the door at night and know where they are. During the day, they are free to roam wherever they want. 

Bertha and Akasha have their own personalities. Bertha is more inquisitive and the leader. She will jump over a gate first and Akasha will follow. Akasha is very pretty and calm. Bertha is striking with those green eyes and little hyper. She always gets into the tiniest of places while Akasha is more cautious. They both fight with each other but also love each other. They stare each other down from far, run and pounce on one another and wrestle and the next minute when they are sleepy, they cuddle. They entertain each other and us too. The children adore them. It is heartwarming to see Mansi bond with them. The cats love her and hangout with her often.  Ajay is always playing with them with cat toys, they went berserk over a fishing rod toy, leaping up so high to catch the artificial fish. They have several nicknames: Nini, Soni, Aaka, Berthie, Berthalomew and so on. 

The other day before Arjun started school and was home, he was annoying Armaan and I heard them arguing while I was video recording the kittens licking one another. I told them, “Learn from the kittens. They are so cuddly and loving” and Mansi, who overheard my comment teasingly quipped, “Mom, what do you want the boys to do? Lick each other?” Lol.

The kittens truly are a blessing. I look forward to seeing them first thing in the morning and every time I come home from work. I love to hold them and have them sleep in my lap. The only negative is that they poop a lot, thankfully covered in litter, no accidents ever, but still so stinky to clean.

Sometimes, when Armaan does not listen to me I tell him to do what I say or else I will return the kittens and he smiles at me and says with complete confidence, “No Mom, you will never ever return them.!” He knows me well!

Akasha and Bertha will be 4 months old on September 11. May God keep them safe and well always and with us.