“I have lived with several Zen Masters- all of them cats.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

I have never thought of myself as a cat person. However, never say never. There are stray cats which visit my backyard. Once, a cat curled itself up and slept on my swing on the deck and I knocked on the sliding door to wake her up and shoo her away. Her eyes opened from the noise and without batting her eyelids she scornfully looked at me as though saying, “How dare you wake me up” and she refused to budge right away. So I left her alone but I was amused and chuckled at her attitude.

It is interesting to see how some cats gather together in a group in my backyard as though they are gossiping/holding a town hall meeting, and one or two are shy and always like being loners. There are cats on either side of the creek in the forest staring down at each other down from across the water and sometimes I wonder if the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, books on cats and their clans, which all my kids read in elementary school could possibly be true.

A stray cat which probably came from the forest in my backyard ended up being friends with a neighbor’s outdoor cat and the two of them hang out together in her driveway. For some reason both my sons love this cat and play with him. The cat loved the boys but would run away when I would come out to the driveway. My youngest son Armaan plays with him after school every day on his way home from the school bus, he just claps and the cat appears. I enjoy watching them from the window, the two of them interacting with each other. Sometimes, the cat follows Armaan home.


I don’t remember exactly when and how but the cat got comfortable with me. Armaan had told me that cats need time to open up. The cat came up to me while I was sitting on the front porch steps and moved around me and I was able to pet it. His eyes are so expressive, reflecting his emotions, everything from inquisitive to scared to happy and excited. He snuggled deep into the space between couple of pots in my front yard at the base of the porch steps where we were sitting. I was perplexed as to what he was doing. Bewildered I asked Armaan, “Why does he look like a hen trying to lay eggs?” Right then, the cat peed, it sprayed out as a small fountain, like a meteoric shower! It was so unexpected and dramatic that Armaan and I both burst out laughing. Armaan told me that when cats do this they are marking their territory. I felt like he put on this show for us, right in our direct view and so close, luckily Armaan and I  got up and jumped back to avoid getting wet.


Now the cat even does tricks for me. It was so exciting that he stood up when I moved my hand up. When Armaan comes inside the house , the cat sits on our driveway and waits for him to come back out. One of the most blissful and relaxing moments in my life is sitting on the porch with Armaan and playing with the cat. He is such an elegant and majestic creature with great personality.

I have some really cute videos and pictures of Armaan playing with the cat, the cat following him home, the cat coming up the porch steps, but Armaan did not want me to post those publicly so I am refraining from doing so.  It warms my heart to see how nurturing and loving Armaan is, when I hear him pet the cat using positive words such as, “you are a good kitty”, “such a nice kitty” “do you need space” “do you like the camera” and so on. I think my child will be a good parent when he grows up.

The cat has not been seen in the past week. We are missing him and hope he resurfaces soon from his hiatus.