Month: November 2017

  • Patron Interactions At the Reference desk

    I have been working as a part time Reference librarian at Richland library in South Carolina for about fifteen years now. It is a beautiful 4 floor building with glass walls, open spaces and piano shaped balconies above the escalators linking each floor and I absolutely love working here. Over the years I have met so […]

  • Didi

    March 5th is a day which is very close to my heart. If my sister was alive, it would be her 47th birthday today.If only I could call her and wish her and ask her what she has planned for the day and tell her what is going on with me and chit chat and […]

  • Don’t Act Too Smart

    I have so many memories of growing up in a small town in India with three sisters and a bunch of cousins. We had impromptu picnics at the Kharkai river near our house, we stayed up all night after exams to celebrate and commemorate with our little parties, we performed plays for the neighbors, and […]

  • The Perfect Couple

    On a recent trip to Charleston, my husband and I were squabbling over everything from the settings of the air conditioner (I just do not understand why he likes cold air on his feet, I like my feet to stay warm) in the minivan to the radio channel we should listen to. Then, we bickered […]

  • Lessons Learnt From Children

    Lessons Learnt From Children While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” –Angela Schwindt (Home-schooling mom from Oregon, USA) One morning, last week, I was driving my kids to school. My fourteen year old turned the car radio on and my sixteen year old told […]